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Wheel Alignment IT661

3D tech, intelligent model, camera moved by remote

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Outstanding Features

 Intelligent LED Guide: With special design, flashing LED lamps offer dynamic feedback during measuring and monitor the measurement processes effectively.

High-precision industrial digital camera: With two imported high-resolution cameras and the fast and stable central computer system, transmission of the picture can reach 15 frames per second to make the measuring result be displayed continually.

Unique accurate target disks: Target disks are made of special materials which will not be broken even falling from 10 meters high. The reflection materials with superior engineering film can last longer working life.

Higher aluminum adjustable column:Best meet the operator’s requirements for the height oh measurement and adjustment          

Powerful Body Dimension measurement: Measuring chassis parameters, such as wheelbase, track width and axle offset

Automatic Voice prompt system: Guiding every step of wheel aligning operation automatically and supporting many languages to use.

3D-tech Compensation: Only one moving forward and backward can finish comprehensive compensation for errors caused by deformed rims or installation

Drive-on Camera: Special mirror function of the PC camera can guide the best parking position on the platform effectively.            


Standard Configuration:

Camera Crossbeam, Target Disks, Adaptor, Adaptor Base, Adaptor Hook, Host, software, 21.5 inch monitor, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, Console, Column, Camera, Elevator control box,Speaker, Remote Controller, Turn plates, Wheel chocks, Wheel Bridges, Steering Wheel Holder, Brake Pedal Depressor


Measurement Function:

toe, camber, caster, kingpin inclination, setback, thrust angle


Additional functions:

Axle offset, Wheel offset, Track/Wheelbase, Toe Constant Value measurement, Steering wheel adjustment, Free rolling compensation, Free from trolleys measurement


Measurement Range and Accuracy



























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